Menu Planning Monday: End of Summer

apples with clock

Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate! If you have the day off, how are you spending it? As I mentioned, we’ll be attending a barbecue at the Elks Club, should be a great time and an opportunity for me to introduce some folks to plant-based eating. So many of our members are elderly, struggling with health issues which could really benefit from a healthier diet, yet they’re afraid to make any “radical” changes. I’m hoping to show them that vegan food isn’t scary or weird, and the best way to do that is through their taste buds!

“I’ve found without question that the best way to lead others to a more plant-based diet is by example – to lead with your fork, not your mouth.” – Bernie Wilke

Even though it’s a holiday, I still have my weekly menu planned and shopping list prepared. I’ll be honoring the “unofficial end of summer” by using up some late-summer veggies, and welcoming in the autumn goodies as well.

September season

Here’s what I’ll be cooking; clicking on the links will take you to the author’s original recipes where you can print if you’d like.

Note: I follow a WFPBNO (whole food, plant-based, no oil) diet 90% of the time, allowing for a bit of oil here & there when dining out or when I just want a little treat. When the recipe calls for oil, I substitute vegetable broth or plain water when appropriate.  Sometimes the exact recipe I’m using is not published online so I will share a similar recipe.

So, what’s cookin’ at your house? Are you menu planning?


P.S. For other great menu planning bloggers, please visit Organizing Junkie!

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