Menu Planning Monday: On the Road Again!

apples with clock

Good morning and Happy Menu Planning Monday! Once again, we’re packing up the motor home and headed back to the Gainesville area. It was such a treat to spend time with my daughters, I can’t wait to see them again!  I loved being able to kick back and share a relaxing lunch  at Kristyn’s house instead of a restaurant; there’s just nothing like a home-cooked meal! (In case you missed it, I posted pics of our feast on last week’s Wordless Wednesday post). So, I’m hoping to do the same this week, and in preparation I’ve chosen some recipes that travel well and which I know my daughters will enjoy.

We had a nice quiet weekend at home, so while Chip was plopped in front of the TV watching football, I did some advance cooking. I’ll be sharing the pics and reviews over the course of the week, hope you’ll stop back by because there are some real winners on this week’s menu!

Note: I follow a WFPBNO (whole food, plant-based, no oil) diet 90% of the time, allowing for a bit of oil here & there when dining out or when I just want a little treat. When the recipe calls for oil, I substitute vegetable broth or plain water when appropriate.  Sometimes the exact recipe I’m using is not published online so I will share a similar recipe.

P.S. For other great menu planning bloggers, please visit Organizing Junkie!

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