The Daily Dish: Ethics with a Side of Curry


When I created my first blog, the whole blogging thing was in its heyday.  People were jumping at the chance to publish their own sites, to put their thoughts/feelings/ideas out there for the masses!  Some were trained writers, but most of us were just your average Joe/Josephine puttering around on the internet, doing it for fun. That was me.  I was just winging it, learning as I went along, posting pics and telling stories, sharing anything and everything that interested me..including recipes.  Back then, there were no rules or even guidelines about what could, or should, be posted on one’s personal blog.  No one talked about copyright infringement.  We just posted what we wanted and it was all good.

Well, here I am eight years later and I’ve learned a thing or two.  I now know that it’s really not cool to post other people’s original content unless you have express permission.  You shouldn’t copy recipes, ver batim, from a cookbook, even if you give credit to the author.  And while it’s not technically illegal, it’s not nice or ethical to “adapt” someone else’s recipe and call it your own.  I have done both of these things in the past, out of pure ignorance, and I am sorry.  Though I’ve never been a big-wig blogger with tons of followers so I doubt I “cost” a cookbook author any money, it still wasn’t right.  Unfortunately, this is all-too common out there in blog-land and the internet in general, and it really infuriates me when I see it.  Some folks, like me, don’t know any better but others..well, let’s just say that professionals should act as such.  No one should be making money or gaining notoriety on someone else’s hard work.

So, you will rarely see an actual recipe on this blog. Unless it’s been passed down from my family or one I’ve tweaked, modified and/or have simply lost the original origin, I won’t be sharing.  I have the utmost respect for the authors who work tirelessly developing wonderful vegan dishes and I will show my appreciation and support by linking to his/her site where he/she has published the recipe or to a store where you can purchase the cookbook.  Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the about we talk about food?!

Chip and I have a Friday night routine: happy hour at our favorite tavern, followed by take-out dinner on the way home. We often opt for Thai food as that’s my absolute favorite! I go for a spicy curry while Chip leans toward more milder fare. Well, this past Friday night I decided to save money and calories my making my own dinner. This  Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry recipe is from Chop Chop, a magazine geared toward cooking with children! As a result, it contained only a few ingredients, was very easy to prepare and mild in flavor, perfect for sharing with the spice-averse family members.

Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry ingredients

While the ingredients were simmering, I loaded my rice cooker and had brown rice cooking as well. I then portioned out our servings (taking a little taste, yum!) so that when we came home all I had to do was scoop, reheat and plate!

Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry

Cook’s Note: The only change I made was subbing vegetable broth for the vegetable oil.

Nutritional info (provided by Mastercook) per serving:  352 Calories; 9g Fat (21.7% calories from fat); 14g Protein; 58g Carbohydrate; 13g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 420mg Sodium.

The Verdict: Fantastic! I’d definitely give this one four stars! This wasn’t a complicated dish and though the flavors weren’t complex, it was a good solid curry that satisfied my craving.  This is an easily-adaptable recipe, some baked tofu would be a nice addition!

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did.

Have a wonderful day!