Work in Progress

By the end of Chef AJ’s 21-day program, I was down ten pounds. Encouraged and excited, I decided to continue on, re-joining her Ultimate Weight Loss program. I stuck to her guidelines, listened to lecture after lecture from her, Dr. Doug Lisle & Dr. Alan Goldhamer, learning about calorie density & the pleasure trap. I just kept eating veggies and starches, walking and learning. I was laser focused, only allowing myself an occasional “slip” in the form of my beloved movie theater popcorn and a couple of (vegan) desserts for a birthday or on vacation. Honestly, when I did/do go off program, I feel kinda gross and am more than happy to get right back on track with the next meal!


May 30, 2019

By July 1st I had lost 14 pounds total. By early August, 20 pounds was gone! I now weigh less than I have since my early 40’s!  I just bought a dress for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, had ordered both a size 10 and a (hopeful) 8. Well, guess what? The 8 is too big! I had to get a 6, and even that will need some alteration. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever see single digits again, I am shocked & thrilled, and the best part is truly how easy it has been. This was once my goal weight, the top end of the range on WW, and yet now that I’m here I realize that I still have pounds to lose, that I can do better. So, I’m going to continue on, go for another ten pounds, see how I feel with that number.

So, you’re probably wondering what exactly DO I eat, right? Well, it’s so simple. No weighing, measuring, or counting necessary. No fancy recipes, ingredients, smoothies or supplements. I eat food. Real food. Whole unprocessed food, ad libitum! As many servings as vegetables, potatoes, rice, etc as I want. In fact, not only is there not a limit on these foods, there’s a minimum! Chef AJ requests that we eat at least two pounds of vegetables a day, preferably a pound of them raw, followed by as much starch as possible to feel satiated. That’s it. That’s what I do. As I wrote yesterday, this program is abstinence-based, so it’s more about what you don’t eat than what you do. Avoid those SOFAS, eat the veggies & potatoes, watch the pounds fall off.

More on the specifics next time..

Have a beautiful day,